Need a new starter, which one?


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May 24, 2001
Hey guys,
My starters on its way out, it won't work unless massage it with a hammer! So my question is, which starter, how much and how much work to get it shimmed right?

LT1 starter? How much? What part #?

Factory replacement? How much? Part #?

lt1 starter

contact lt1 starters with bolts and no tax-$125.00---i paid $170.00 for my first one,just ordered one of these last night-matt
I'd get the one from (I did) and I can't imagine a better starter for the price. Comes with all the bolte, is small and light.
If you want one of the newer lighter starters, go with what the other members suggest & I probably will next time.
When mine went out, I had to have one right away & the gear drive newer ones were going for $250 & up. I ended up with a lifetime warranty rebuild for $40.
I had a local alternator shop rebuild mine. Kept the original housing and placed heavy duty internal parts. Works great! Didn't have to do anything with shims. All for $40.00.