Need a new under the rear seat floor pan


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Found a very unpleasant surprise, but what sucks even more, is that I can find anyone reproducing these rear seat pans.

Do you guys know where I can get one?

Could you just cut it out and weld in new metal? Nobody will see it anyway. Or maybe you could have one of the guys who part out cars cut one out for you.
I replaced same piece and I ended up Buying it from a Guy that was parting out a regal. I did tons of searching and nobody reproduces it.
Also mikes montes sells left or right side floor pans but its fromt and back,235.00. Brian has entire one piece floor pan, i think like 5 or 600.00
I had a car with rust like that, unfortunately that is a terrible spot to have to deal with since there are 3-4 seams that come together there. Use a strong rust neutralizer all around there.