Need alignment, shims fell out. What are good numbers for street strip?


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The other day I heard a major clunking noise going on everytime I would come to a stop. Sounded very bad so I pulled over, popped the hood to find out that the upper a-arm came loose and all the shims fell out (thank God it didn't happen at the track.) WTF!!! Unfortunately I did not have any tools on me, so I nursed the car back home. Looks like I need to get an alignment done now:mad:

I have a friend that does alignments for a living. Is there some numbers I can give him that will help get some more ET at the track without hurting the way it behaves on the street? The car sees a lot of highway and street miles, it needs to be safe on the street.

For a strip only car I would set camber at 0 and caster around 4 with a stright toe. But I will feel loose on the street and will not turn well at speed. If you steet drive then -.5 on camber and toe out an 1/8. Will not hurt you much at the track, tightens the feel of the car. There are other ways to gain a mph or two. I would stay near stock specs if you are going to have it aligned once and don't want to play with the settings.
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The guys I talked to recommend leaving it close to stock. Because the tires will be dragging instead of driving. That wears the tires and slows U down.:cool: