Need cam sensor help quick, please!


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My car started backfiring a few minutes ago. I took the cam sensor cap off to check if the screw in the top had gotten loose. I can turn the whole thing with the screw! Did something break inside? If so what is the fix? I have a new cam sensor but have never tried replacing one!
replace it if you have a back up,then fix that one for a spare. if you don't know how it's pretty easy,you could find a thread on here. mine did the same thing,but the screw was tight so i thought it was ok,but it turned out the little tab was broken
Just took it out. It sheared the pin off! When I pulled it out the bottom part, with the gear stayed inside! Got a magnet and got it out! Now to put the new one in? Any suggestions or tips?
Eww, that does not sound good.

Can you snap a picture of the carnage?

You may have another issue with the mating gear on the cam.

Before you go throwing in another complete sensor, make sure the other gear inside is all good.
ok, update time. The cam gear looked ok. Finally got the new cam sensor installed after umpteen attempts! Didnt have any kind of meters to set it with but got lucky and it fired right up! The only problem I'm having is that when the car reaches 2500 rpm's it starts missing really bad! On the a/f ratio meter it starts jumping all over the place! Would it help to adjust it a little bit one way or the other?
You talking about the popping and sputtering? If so, you don't really have to worry about needing to advance your cam, yours isn't very big. I have the same cam in mine and I installed it per the directions in that link and when the voltmeter told me to stop, I stopped and tightened it down :D
A friend of mine has me worried now about my car! He said that those pins don't shear off for no reason. He went on to say that the oil pump is probably binding and that's what made the pin shear! Is this true, and if it is, how could you check it? The car is running fine now but it did throw a code 41 a couple of times! Haven't figured that out yet. Thanks, R.B.
well your friend is probably wrong. those cam sensors work themself loose over time. think about this. every but of friction comes through the front of the motor ie: timing chain area. that is why you must have a good timing chain and gears and at times the cam sensors work themself loose. if its running and it seems fine dont worry about it. and deffinately dont listen to your buddy that drives a ford:biggrin:
Pull that cam sensor out, get a long flathead screw driver and turn that pump drive shaft with it just to put your mind at ease (clockwise). If it binds, there ya go. If it doesn't, your mind will be at ease and you can punch your friend in the face. Then go buy a volt meter or a Cam sensor tool or Casper's cap and set that thing right.
go buy a volt meter or a Cam sensor tool or Casper's cap and set that thing right.


Working on an EFI vehicle and not owning a voltmeter :redface:

Worse is subjecting the car to abuse and messing with its timing knowing its off. :(

I understand if I broke down on the side of a highway and needed to get it running...

Harbor freight, home depot, lowes, radio shack, even walmart sell meters.