Need Dog Name......


Pelennor Fields
Just bought my mom a male Belgian Malinois puppy and need a kool name. I have a male adult myself. Anyone have any suggestions?

There are the (3) names I have come up with so far.
1.) Blade.
2.) Ninja.
3.) Achilles


how bout a cool Belgian name... ... ninja would be good a nice recognizable two syllable name ...
He's a sweetie!!! Coming up with a name is one of the hardest things. Don't hurry, just think on it for a while.
The German Shepherd I had before this guy took a lot of thought. Than just decided all of a sudden on Orbit. Fit him to a T for some reason and people thought it was a great name. Still remember when he was about 5 months old taking him to the trainer for evaluation and the girl downstairs at checkout (yes, she was hot) came from behind the counter and started hugging him and said, "Orbit, I just love your name" Of course he loved the attention and than helped himself to some of the other dogs stored lunches next to the wall.
This one, same thing, what would be a good name. Was looking one day at a road atlas, Arizona to be exact and saw Tempe and thought it would be a cute name for a female. Than noticed Winslow and he just looks like a Winslow.
Also, a 1 or 2 syllable name is best that kind of slides of the tongue easy especially when needing to call during an emergency.
Hope your Mom has many many years with her new best friend. And you with your's.
Great suggestions guys! Dante is the name of my current Mali so yea I agree that ones awesome lol