Need GNX photo for car show T-shirt.


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Apr 4, 2002
Last year, we lost long standing car show supporter and GNX #034 owner Rod Ramsey. As a tribute to Ron's passion to have the best looking car at the show, I wanted to make a GNX the centerpiece of this years Bates Nut Farm car show flyer and event T-shirt. Here's some blurry shots of Rod with his pride and joy from the last show in June.

Rod had owned this car for as long as I had known him. It was his daily driver for many years and acquired about 80K miles on it when he decided to do a ground up restoration on it about three years ago. Since this restoration, the car was retired to weekend and car show duty only. Rod was a classy guy that we were lucky to have known.

What I need.
I need a clean photo of a "real" GNX to use for this years show. Please only send pictures of your car and not just something found on the web. Here's a photo of my GN and how it was used for last years T-shirt.

I need a similar shot of a GNX. Possibly, slightly more from the side view, but still have the front of the car showing and looking slightly down on it. I am not looking for a perfect show car. It wont matter on a T-shirt. I am looking for the correct angle and good lighting. I'm not too concerned about the background. I would prefer the front wheels to be turned such as the photo above. It would be nice to see pictures posted here first for all to see, then I'll ask the chosen photo(s) to emailed. Chosen photog will receive two free event T-shirts and much fame and glory.;)

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks in advance.

Mike Barnard
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I got the photos. I said that I was NOT looking for a "Perfect show car".:eek: I guess it'll have to do:rolleyes:. I'll post up artwork here once it's done.
It does seem fitting that the picture is of a GNX that has attended the show.:)

Mike B
Thanks Doug.
Looks like Lee had exactly what we were looking for. We've already started working on the artwork.

Mike B.
No GNX here, but can I buy a shirt when they are available to help support your club?

Thanks. Let me see if we have any left over after the show. Last year we had just enough. Show is June 1st. Shirts are free to everyone who brings a Turbo Buick or Turbo Buick powered vehicle.

Mike B.
Bates Nut Farm. It's in San Diego, So Cal.
We had 42 turbo Buicks and about a hundred people last year. We're planning for a bit more this year.:)
Cruzn57 (Lee),

Thanks for providing a picture of your GNX and of yourself for this year's 2014 Bates Nut Farm Car Show.

I'm glad we got your good side.:D

Mike B.