Need Header/Front Suspension rebuild tips


May 30, 2001
Decided to tackle my front end and driver's side header leak at the same time. Any advice/hints to make the job easier? Any snags I should plan for in advance?

Current plan: Disassemble front end to replace A arm bushings and ball joints and all tie rod ends. The car current pulls slightly to the left and the alignment shop says there is too much slop in the ball joints etc. Figured while I had the A arms out I might as well take out the driver's side header and get the crack fixed.

My first snag after getting the wheels off is what size hex wrench do I need to remove the calipers? Or was I looking at the wrong bolts.


Lynn Boyer
Parts stores sell those sockets. Get a 3/8" drive one. They are pretty standard. Keep a wire coathanger close by to hang your calipers on so the brake hoses don't get damaged from hanging.