Need Help ASAP 5 Point Harness


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May 26, 2001
i need some 5 point harnesses for my buick and im not sure which ones to get. my car has a 60/40 bench and i want the wrap around roll bar kind. also i would like it to be black with the quick realease. can someone please help me out. not sure what length to get.

If it's any help I use an RCI brand "Y"-type 5-point harness that wraps around the roll bar. It is black and uses a cam lock quick release. I think I paid something like $150 when I bought it from Jeg's last year.
I put in the inexpensive G-Force belt inidividual wrap around style with a cam lock for about $110 through Jegs.
Why do you want two?? I don't think that they are DOT legal and I still wear my regular seat belat when driving on the street.
Call directly to RJS and explain what you are doing. They can make you any length belt/strap you need and they don't charge extra. They will also re-certify their stuff when the date expires.

They also do custom colors. They have a silver color that matches the GN interior nicely.