Need help ASAP


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Like the subject says I need help fast with my daily driven 87 T. I drove it home from college one night and it ran fine. I went out the next day and it wouldn't start. I was VERY cold out so I thought the fuel lines was frozen. I went out two days later after it warmed up and checked it with my fuel pressure gauge and it has fuel pressure. I also pulled a plug wire off of the coil pack to check for spark and it does have a nice bright spark. It also has no trobble codes says the scanmaster. What else can I check? I need this car to run. Thanks
Just went out and checked. I does have fuel injector pulse. What else can I check. Thanks for the ideas.
Not trying to insult or anything like that but did you check the reg. stuff like battery or starter the normal easy stuff. only asking because i see you only listed that you went straight for the fuel system.
Sorry I did not specify more. The car does crank over and even tries to catch and start but just wont run. The battery is only 4 months old. And the starter cranks the motor so I would say they are fine. And sometimes it is the little simple thing someone can miss but I don't think this is one of them :)
How do I check the MAF? Is there somthing I can do to make it work or do something to it to make sure if it is or is not.
Every once in a log while my GN acts like it doesn't want to start - it will catch/pop just a little then nothing.

All I have had to do is hold the throttle wide open and then crank it.
I went out and tried to start the car with the peddle floored. That alone would not do it but a shot of starting fluid did. I'm going to leave it running until it is warm the let it cool all the way and see if it will start again. If not I guess I will be posting in here again. Thanks for all the help.
Also, you could take the chip out and see if it starts. Chips shouldn't go bad, but it happens. Various bad things could cause the chip to go bad, but worry about getting it running first. Ask me how I know. :mad:
What chip are you running? Also if it started with ether then you may have a cold start issue with your chip or a temp sensor. I have seen temp sensors although not bad, will not show cold enough to allow the ecm to go its cold start fueling. You may want to check this. Make sure the car is cold and read the temp before you try to start the car. If it reads OK then try to start. If it does not start, see if you can borrow someone elses chip. If the car starts then you need your chip altered or carry starting fluid for those very cold days. I do not recommend holding the throttle wide open. This usually signals the ECM to go to clear flood mode. Sometimes stepping on the gas just a little will help. Again this usually means a update in the chip.