need help identifying plugs on drivers side


Apr 3, 2016
im in the finishing stage of swapping my 84 to an 87 motor. unfortunately for me the old harness was removed before i ever got the car so i have no frame of reference.

the first picture is on the drivers side near the firewall around the windsheild wiper motor

The second picture is up front near the radiator. i was thinking maybe a plug or two went to the electric fan but im not sure as my car had a pulley fan.

In pic one those are power master connectors.

Pic two shows fan, Maf, air temp and canister purge valve connectors.
Red is the evap canister. I know, as I just removed mine today. The small black one is the IAT.

Late to the party, but figured I had all of those connectors in my hand today.
Red is the evap canister. I know, as I just removed mine today. The small black one is the IAT.
Powertechn2, I've considered removing my charcoal canister too, instead of relocating it, but there's a lot of debate on here whether to remove it or leave it in. I believe the main issues are venting and the related smell of gas happening. What was your canister removal procedure exactly? I'm also interested to hear about the gas smell, if it happens for you over the next while.

EDIT: To not hijack this thread, you can PM me if you like. Thanks!
Well... My canister was just there, blocked off. Previous owner just stuck a fuel filter on the vent line @ the tank. Never had any fumes in the car of fuel. Exhaust, yes, but that's another story. I figured the canister was just taking up room, and the K&N that was on the car at the time had marks from rubbing the canister. I had thought about using a small canister off an industrial engine and putting it in the back where the intermediate lines are, but it doesn't seem to be an issue so far. Although I guess if the tank was full, I could see fuel sloshing enough to cause an issue.

I have had my tank to complete full once, and didn't have an issue yet. Fuel gauge is all wonky.

As for removing, it is just held down to the plastic inner fender with 2 bolts, I believe they were 3/8 head.