need help looking at ty


Well im talkin to a guy about a typhoon and hes got some work done to it but it has a ton of miles. this truck would be a daily driver with me putting maybe 5-6k a yr in it with the occational 400 miles trip. I know there isnt a huge typhoon following here but you guys are pretty smart:rolleyes: lol Its the dark green color with the grey cladding. Im interested in it but im more of the v8 guy and dont know too much about the wimpy 6's:D

biggest upgrade is the bad ass bulletproof trans
built by the best- George Blake- its incredible!!
9/11 3000 stall
braided cooler lines and external filter
PT-51 with polished compressor cover
ATR 3" stainless full exhaust with test pipe and cutout
Gilbert propshaft
manual boost valve
custom chip- set for 18psi
johnson IC pump hardwired to run all times
heater hose mod to replace the hard lines
elec fan
elec water pump
drilled rotors
braided abs delete kit
optima yellow top, polished billet mount in back right corner out of the way.
K&N filter
triple guage pillar pod with:
boost- fuel press- EGT (this ones not hooked up)
all autometer ultralite
WideBand O2 not installed yet- waiting till i learn to tune on my other Ty before I get into this one since this one runs good already. I have everything you need to do code 59 tuning on it.
A/C is still there but I haven't tried to charge it, I'm sure it has a leak somewhere, i just never use it.
temp/compass in overhead console
jeep steering shaft (gets rid of the sloppy rag joint)
stock CD player
no roof rack
stock wheels and a set of Z06 vette wheels if you want.
I also have vortec heads, new Ferrea valves (2.02/1.60), 422 comp cam, 50lb injectors if wanted for future upgrades to put the truck in the 11's. Its an old and proven SyTy recipe, the cam and injectors are off my other Ty I rebuilt last summer.

current performance:
runs 7.9's - 1/8th 1.68- 60'
12.7's - 1/4 from previous owner- I haven't been down the 1/4, only been down the 1/8 a few times.
I measured the 0-60 on datamaster a few years ago- I think it was 3.8 sec. I dont remember for sure though.

Im sure there's more I've left out that the previous owner did that I cant think of right now. Scott G from Detroit Turbo had the truck before me and had a lot of stuff done. I've added some things and fixed a few little things that didn't work. bought the stock wheels for it and drive it quite a bit. I've put about 35,000 miles on it in the last 4 years since I bought it.
The mileage is at 175,000 now and its been problem free. No smoke at all. I use Mobil 1 oil and the good filters.

I paid $10,000 4 years ago but like I said, the paint is starting to look bad, body is straight with the only rust starting over the back window (typical for these). Underneath is rust free also.


'93 Ty #0352 if you want to search on it. Green/Grey, the one in my avatar.
The green on gray looks really good on those vehicles. And those wheels look perfect on it.

I can't offer much in the mechanical department since I only had my Ty for about 6 months several years ago. But I would ask him why the front fender (and possibly the rest of the front clip?) has had paint work. It may not be any big deal. The stock paint is crap on them and tt's possible a cheap-o dealer did some painting on the front end rather than an entire respray.
he did tell me the previous owener had a minor accident 5yrs ago. so he was upfront on that. what worries me is the rust(how do i get rid of that) and the miles and mods(ofcourse i wanna go fast but want reliability too)
heres the rust
That is where alot of ty's rust. it is because of the rear window washer. It can be fixed, but has to be cut out and have a piece welded in.