Need Help Spending Money!


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Well I have a little over 3,000 to drop on parts in january. What should be next for the GN??? This is a daily Driver, i'd like to be in the deep 11's.
if you need help spending just give some to me.:D seriously, have you done youre heads yet, i didnt see it in youre signature, that will surely get you well into the 11s although youre probably all ready there.:D
Upgraded IC (we won't ruin your thread with the FM vs. stock location debate ;) ...I ordered a PTE FM), ported heads and intake and I'd consider a set of steel caps if you're going to run consistent low-11's.

I don't buy into that "factory seal" myth. I bought my bone stock car from the original owner. His wife drove the car (42k original miles), and the car blew a headgasket under warranty. The dealer replaced both headgaskets. I've been wrenching on the car and racing it for the last year with no problems (seeing as much as 27-28psi of boost once or twice!).
i guess im just lucky then.i put my own motor together abnout 4 years ago, which when i think about it is a very scary thought, and i havent blown my head gaskets yet. dude, just get the heads done and do it right and you shouldnt have a problem.:D

Well Thanks for the info, i feel its a myth too!! but the Motor was Rebuilt by Anderson 12,000 miles ago.... So i guess i dont have any myths to worrie about. I was Thinking i would go with
1)Ported Irons
2)Matched intake
3)Plenum(PTE) with Rjc spacer
4) TB Dont know what Size???? 70mm or 65mm or smaller any thoughts
5) 3" Maf extender, translater Lt1 Maf Setup something along those lines
6) then the The PTE FMIC since there on sale
Should I just do
1) the Plenum(PTE) RJC spacer
2) TB
3) MAf translater ect.....

Will the First Add ons Make My Turbo Feel Small?
Thanks Again
*MaxEffort mafless...forget the translator and go with the ME.
*How's your trans?
*Throttle body - no need to go 70, just get a Jay Jackson bored TB
*Heads - goooooood (I need to do this soon)
*Sticky tires
*extra set of sticky tires
Got Plenty of Sticky Tires, The Trans was done with 3200 stall. I think I am Gonna do the FMIC and Whats the DEAL with the ME Mafless I've Been gone in the military for the past 2 years dont know to much on them???? anyone wanna clue me in??
After the FMIC I think I am gonna Concentrate on suspension
Uppers, lowers
Springs, should i go 1 inch lower?
Some bilsteins all around
Poly kit up front but from who??
And Some ATR sways all around
That should make for a stout Daily driver with a Nice ride???
I think thats about it, maybe some other odd and ends.......
PT&E intercooler special should be on your list as well as alcohol if you drive it 99% of the time on the street.

Unless you have fully ported heads/intake a 65mm/70mm TB won't benefit you that much. Get the Jay Jackson ported 62mm TB $80. It has been 9's in Ryan Guy's GN and 10's in many other cars so you know it works. Or drop $250+ on an AccuFab 70mm and then another $150 on an upgraded doghouse for minimal extra gain.

I wouldn't take the heads off and see what you can eek out of the current combo. It should go high 11's with what you have.

I agree with either an LS1 Translator Plus and Extender Extreme chip or the Max Effort fuel management. Both will get the job done.

With 3200 stall you could certainly get a bigger turbo and sell your current one to recoup $450+ back :). Airflow makes power and turning up the boost via alcohol injection makes the car a different animal.

Don't forget weight reduction :). 100lbs is a tenth. At least do the aluminum bumper reinforcements if your car doesn't have them already.

I would..

...get a stock location mease intercooler or PTE FM, and some ported heads. Maybe a little suspension, if you don't have any also.

That should get you were you want to be..
GNX7, already Running a SMC Alky Kit
I'll be getting the PTE FMIC SOON!!
The Suspension Parts, I havent decided on yet... but that will be done after that.
Maybe a Bigger Turbo, Not sure yet..... waitting on these dang Gt series to get there act together?
Thanks for the help
Get an electric exhaust cutout from Mark. Open dump whenever you want it, plus the thing is just so much fun. It's great for scaring ricers!

Sounds like a Fun add on, but i am in the department for performance and I think and ATR single Shot would do just the same. BUT STILL a little whistle is always fun!!