Need help with Rollmaster timing marks


I'm lost, I admit it. :redface:

This is a Rollmaster timing chain. The crank sprocket has multiple keyways, 2 dots, one at the tip of a tooth, one in the root of another.

Where is straight up? I think I have it off but I'm not sure. (see picture)

I really think I have the cam retarded but I don't know for sure.




Old thread revived...did anyone verify this?

The picture shows the keyway off to the side, while the outer mark lines up with the cam gear. The inner marks near the slot that slides over the keyway indicate the cam is retarded (or is it just me?) 2 to 3 degrees. The directions on the link provided are too confusing. Someone please verify this setting, mine was set up the same way, and it also feels a little sluggish spooling. thanks, John:confused:
Hope someone can help with the Rollmaster instructions. This old thread no longer has any pics to guide me--and search resulted in nothing of use... Thanks in advance!