Need help with T-top rattle


Aug 8, 2007
Not sure where to post this, but the driver's T-top on my TR rattles at the back when wind gets underneath it. The front is fine, but the back rod seems to move around in it's socket. Passenger side is fine too. Any suggestions? thanks
T Roof Rattles

Welcome To The World Of T-roofs. Alot Do Rattle. Pull The Handle And Trim From The T Roof,there Should Be 2 Screws And A Plate On The Inside Frame Of The T Roof,loosen These,move Plate Up To Draw The Roof Assy Downdraw The
T-roof (cont)

This May Take A Few Adjustments,you'll Notice That You Have To Push Roof Down And The Rod Will Draw Roof Tighter. Be Careful Not To Go Too Tight As To Crush The W-strips. Working In A Gm Dealership In 1987,adjusted My T-roof Cars Do Have "wind Rush" 65 Mph And Up.. My 1st Gn Had T-tops, It Was A Love-hate Relationship.. The One I'm Building Now,i Installed An Astro-roof From 87 Grand Prix. Love The Hole In Roof.. Hey.. Good Luck..