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i have a question for everyone. I raced my car recently and the car gets a good 60" time of 1.6 but can't finish off. About 1/2 track the car basicly falls on its face. only did a 13.5 and 96 mph.
i have a TA-49 turbo, 36lb. injecter, 2800 stall converter.

Please give me some ideas to help this car


How many miles are on the car?? If the valve springs are worn, your car will stop making power towards the upper RPM range.
I'm shocked at you Bryan!!! You forgot the other thing that will make a car fall flat on it's face at half track...

my t-type pulled 112+ with the old 134k stockers!!!!!

DEFINITELY not just the valve springs--

sounds like a fuel related problem, and a tuning issue :D
Yeah, what's the fuel pump? My stock fuel pump wouldn't go over 95 mph in the 1/4. Is the cat in place? does your converter really suck (do you know what RPM's = 96 mph on a scan tool?), potato in the exhaust? flat tires?

You are giving up nearly 2 full seconds and 20 mph. That's a little more than valvespings :)
I have a new fuel pump. Hot wired. The cat is taken out with a 3 in dump which i open. I am running a Blue top chip with 93 octane fuel. I have alittle detenation but that is towards middle of track and by the end there is none. Car has new 2800 stall converter, street strip trans, and new motor with about 6000 on it.
Tires are new and about 25psi in both rears.
how much boost???
even with a street chip, and the torque convertor locked, you should hit around 109-111 with 21 psi of boost, and 104 unleaded fuel-

1.60 should take you low low 12's with a race chip thrasher 108, and 110 octane fuel , and the boost set around 22-23psi

something is wrong- 96mph is right on par for a bone stock car-

im guessing your running 15 psi of boost, and the car isnt picking up on the top cause of the torque convertor isnt locked
With the 1.6 60", i raced with my poston chip with about 17 of boost and 108 octane of fuel. i'm not sure about the converter cuz i hooked up the manual switch and i did not notice any difference in the.
can any1 help me with this cuz my trans any converter is new when i got the new motor in the car. Is there a way to check this with out opening the trans up
id say the trans has a good convertor in it, its allowing you to get 1.60 sixty foots-
what exactly are you asking??
if you want to see the convertor-- there are 4 bolts that hold the dust shield over the convertor- that way you can see what it looks like--

get some race gas, and a race chip--- i dont know about postons chip--- that is some of the reason why your car doesnt do the top end charge-- sounds like it needs to be tuned in?? is there any other turbo regal guys in your hometown area??
Just up the street from me is Dynotech. i think you might of heard of them. I have one of there strip chips but i don't want to run to much boost cuz of the timing. But they told poston was a good chip so i got it. But now i have a blue top chip and the car is good all around but still doesn't have the top.
I heard that if i change my MAF to an impala's and put a MAF translator on the car it will pick up the top end where it loses it. Will this help if i do it?
I also heard that the converter is not locked up when it is at the higher rpms.

Tell me if anyone has the new MAF and translator and how do you like it
if there isnt anything wrong with your maf then dont replace it-
my cars run low 11's with the stock maf over 120 mph

there is something else wrong with your car, dont go throwing fast parts at it trying to make it faster,.. you will be wasteing your$$ until you find out what the real problem is-

get some racegas, race chip, and go to the track and see what the car does,.... locking the convertor is worth about 2mph on some cars-
If you have blue tops, use a thrasher 108 at the track. I ran against fred vetter a few years ago at B@B in TFS. I had 3 mph on his cars using a $25 T108. I would also avoid Dynotech like the plague, unless you are made of money, based on the horror stories I have read. You can also get the T108 chip with converter lockup so you don't have to use a switch.

Don't try to go fast with a 93 chip and high octane gas. Buy a race chip. A lot of 93 chips cut back timing and boost in 3rd. not the hot setup for going fast

Unless you MAF is bad, a translator/LT1 won't give you too much in the way of performance (a mph or so max), but I have one and love it. Rebuilt MAF's are inconsistant at best and sometimes plain suck. GM LT1/LS1 MAF's are nearly bulletproof and are very consistant.
i was told to stay away from trasher chips because of the timing they give the car. I have a race chip but give the car 26 degrees of timing. But when i use that chip i run low boost to stay safe

Where can i get a thrasher chip from