need ideas for a stealthy install


Jan 8, 2009
so ive got my alky kit spralled out on my work table, and ive been thinking about making it as stealthly as i can. Ive got 90% of it figured out how i will run the wires and stuff, but where can i mount the nozzle at for it to be as discreat as possible. any advice and pictures would be AWSOME. Thanks guys
Mounting on the underside or inside of the up pipe is the best way to keep it out of view. Cover the alky line with black loom so it doesn't stick out. If you mount it up high near the throttle body, you can snake the the alky line near the turbo so its not hanging out in the air. If you have a stock location intercooler, you could mount it lower a little closer to the intercooler and then run the alky line near the intercooler and try to hide it. I've seen them where its really hard to see. Depending on the kit you have, it might be hard to hide the alky bottle though. If your kit uses the stock overflow location, you might need to be creative to disguise the wires and lines coming off it. If you use another type of alky bottle, you don't want to put it in a place thats too hard to get too to fill up.
Yoou can run the pressure line going to the nozzle behind the turbo following the oil feed line and underneath the lower radiator hose. The only issue is the lines have to be long enough. So measure and make decisions.

Also the nozzle has to be higher than the liquid inside the tank. Or siphoning can occur.