need info, on bhj balancer


anyone installed a external bhj balancer? there dont seem to be enought room between the balancer and the front cover for the crank sensor, i have a internal bhj on my stage engine and there is plenty of room for the sensor, the external balanced balancer ring is closer to the balancer than the internal balancers ring, the mounting bracket for the sensor is about 1/8 of inch to close to the back side of the balancer, any info, appreciated thanks oc, :confused:
Actually, my ring is a bit close as well... I'm actually going to mill down the sensor base and timing cover for additional clearance. I have int. balance BHJ, on 109 block. Currently it "fits" but like i said theres probably only about 50 thousanths clearance between timing cover and ring.

Hi Oc i run an external bhj and it fits fine what timing chain do you have on that puppy might need a spacer inside i went tru that with a stock balancer with an early rollmaster timing chain i made a .085 thousanths spacer to keep the relluctor from chewing the timing cover .Laz