Need instructions on non lockup install, have new parts no instructions...


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I posted here about some info i need,

Currently i am installing a non lockup convertor into my lockup trans, i will remove the ball and seat at the end of the snout, but need to know where these other parts go.. i do not have any instructions. ZERO

Its a Gil Younger 7-ccv setup, and my 2004r needs to be converted to a non lockup.

Here is the picture, parts on right are the original lockup, parts on left of the snap on pic are my new non lockup parts, how do they go?
I dont have a pic or disstructions on how they go, its been too long and i forget!
Much help is apprecitated!


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Could someone please take the time to email me a picture of this setup, i need some instructions and have looked online and cant find them.

Please help a brother out!
someone has to have them in their garage right? I lost mine :redface:
pump vanes

How critical is the length of the vane? I see the dimensions for the rotor & slide but nothing is mentioned about the vanes.
It's real easy:

Several parts go in first. :biggrin:
The funny looking washer with a hole in it goes next to the snap ring. ;)
The snap ring goes in last of all. :D

Fly me out there. I'm sure after a couple of days of trying, a few hundred miles of road testing on the local Turnpikes, a few dozen gallons of racing unleaded, and a few gallons of ATF later I'll find how to put it together. :eek:

Now that I've had some humor at your expense, all I can say is: Yes, the long valve on the right is the stock LU valve, & the double springs are the stock ones. So, here's my best advice yet:

Call the TransGo Tech support line at:
626-443-7451 8-5 PST

You said that was a Gil Younger valve setup, so they will help.

-Mike H.