Need New Speedometer Cluster


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Hi Guys,

Just finished tuning my TTA # 1158 and decided to make a couple of passes down the street and noticed that my mileage odometer just stopped working on the way back home. The mph needle moves fine and displays the mph but the mileage odometer has stopped moving. I don't have any computer codes, so I believe the TSS electronic sensor in the back of the 200-4R transmission is still working fine as evidenced by the speedometer needle moving/reading correctly. I have been having some trouble when I pushed in the trip odometer to reset has not been returning the trip odometer back to zero.....maybe the two odometers are related and some plastic part has worn out. Have any other TTA owners had this problem? Are there any factory speedometer heads still available for our cars or is someone parting out a TTA and wants to sell a speedometer cluster? I called my local Pontiac guy and he no longer shows a Part Number listing. Any help would be great.

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Jerry Kircher
TTA # 1158
11.8 et @ 117 mph
Original owner
Original engine/transmission
Thrasher 93 with SMC alcohol @ 23 lbs. boost

My trip meter also won't zero, but odometer still functions .I haven't pulled the cluster yet to repair it, but these are electric speedo/odos. If you don't feel like fooling with it, speedometer shops will help. Had a similar problem with my Regal, removed the cluster and disassembled the speedo, a shaft and gear assembly had popped out of place. Just a thought...
Thanks for the just quit working yesterday and I haven't pulled the dash apart yet to see what is going on with it. I know that our TTAs have electric speedometers (no cable from 200-4R transmission to speedometer head) and maybe the tumblers just wore out. I spoke to my local Pontiac parts guy and he said they ship all their speedometers to a repair shop in Baltimore, MD (about 1 hour from me) so I will yank the cluster tonight and call them tomorrow to see about dropping it off at their speedometer repair shop.
Your very lucky that it's a speedometer problem and not a cluster or tach problem. The speedo in the TTA's is the same 145mph speedo thats found in Trans Am's and GTA's, very common part.

As for whats wrong with it, scince your speedo still works it's probrobly either the odometer motor or the circut board that controls it.


Thanks for the thoughts....I'll post what was wrong with it and corrective action/cost as soon as I get it apart and to the speedometer repair shop.

Jerry Kircher