Need opinions here to sell my GN project, sell outright or partout? Help a guy in distress.


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May 27, 2001
I'm looking for some feedback from my fellow members. Unfortunately, a lot of you know that due to a divorce, I need to scrape up some cash. This means selling my 87 GN project. Yes I will get another one within the next few years, but now, I have to do it. Problem is, it's not a rolling chassis. It has no rear end or front spindles/control arms. I'd like to know your opinions on if I should partout or sell outright, and what you think I can get for it outright.

First off, a little history on the car. I purchased it back in 07 and while the car was fine, the previous owner couldnt get any boost out of it. Turns out he didn't know what he was doing. I like everyone else, said I'd change this, change that, and here I am with virtually a total teardown. I actually found a photo of the car as I purchased it, but alot has changed.

The car is from the south and the body/frame has no rust at all. It has a recent custom paint job that is House of Color Blue on top, black on bottom, and an orange pin stripe dividing the two colors. It was done very nicely. However, there are a couple spots on the paint that looks like someone touched it to see if it was dry. Could definitely just be wet sanded. The car has no rear end, no front spindles, or control arms, so I cannot roll it. It has no bumpers, fillers, no front grill or headlight bezels. Door needs weatherstripping, etc. It needs the plastic inner wheel wells has no engine wiring harness or ECU. It has no gas tank or fuel lines as I was going to run a cell. I also stripped the body filler around the spare tire well as I was going to drill out the spot welds and replace it with a plate. It has no speedo cluster(I was working on a custom one), and no dash plaque. Now it does have a full non-ac conversion. I purchased the entire setup out of a low mile grandma regal. So it has the correct airbox, cowl, vents(even dummy vents) and controls/cables. The vehicle also has a complete edelbrock total vehicle suspension kit which has sway bars, edelbrock IAS shocks, Eibach Springs, Rear lower control arms, rear upper adjustable control arms, and connecting brace to connect them together. It has Energy suspension body bushings. Now although I have the engine and trans for sale, they are still in the car. The engine is just a long block with 5500 miles on a rebuild(has head studs, rjc rocker shaft braces etc.) The trans is a brand new lonnie diers stage 2 trans with brand new 3200 stall non locking ATI converter. The interior is in good shape. There is a lot I am forgetting but that is most of it. The car has 101k miles on it and a clean title. Here is a photo of it when I purchased it. Again, I'd like your opinions on what I could get outright or if I am better parting it out. Thanks everyone!

Try selling it with what you have. I have no problem with parting out rotted out smashed up shit boxes BUT your car sounds really nice and deserves to be put back toghther. What part of the world are you in ? If your in a state that's prone to rot then hopefully this will help your cause. I'm in CT and people call me all the time on rollers but the cars I usually get are not worth fixing within reason.

Also try putting it on craigslist with a phone # and with before and after pics
Wow, hate to hear your situation . Non running is a hard sell, disassembled , well, that really requires the "right" buyer. Especially if you are trying to get top dollar. Advertise it and see what happens. Either way, good luck with your problems.

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I'll be honest here and say what most think when they read this post --- Divorce = Desperate, cheap, pennies on the dollar wait it out and the price will drop.
The first mistake you did was mention a divorce.
Good luck with the sale Dude
Ebay and
craigslist with NO mention of Divorce or needing to sell
You know you're going to take a hit if you sell it as is. It's allot of work to get it back on the road.
Do you have all the parts to put it together? Whats missing?

You know you're going to take a hit if you sell it as is. It's allot of work to get it back on the road.
Do you have all the parts to put it together? Whats missing?

Thats why I think at this point a part out is best. I can probably get more money that way. I dont have all the parts.

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Sell it to a family member or a trusted friend for 2 dollars and then buy it back later.
Thats not the problem. She isnt trying to take it and being very civil, but I am keeping the house and I could use the money. I dont need to sell it, but I dont want to live paycheck to paycheck.

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Sorry to hear about your situation(it must be something in the water in that subdivision lol)..
Hit me up maybe we can work something out. I'm still in new lenox. 8153250102
She's being civil for now. Who knows later on. All is fair in love and war. I would still sell it to a friend to cya (cover your ass)