Need opinions.....


Mar 13, 2005
...on what my '87 GN might be worth (parted or whole). I don't want to sell, but work is so slow I'm having a hard time keeping up. If I do sell it whole, it will come with some extra parts that I have bought for it, but haven't been able to install. The car has gone 10.96 @ 123mph on a very rich tune with the current set up.

The car has 61,000 miles on it. Body is in great condition, just has a couple small parking lot dents, but does have the original checked paint. Interior is in fair condition, drivers seat has a small wear through tear in it & it has no head liner in it (have one, just needs to be recovered).

The engine was rebuilt by Zimmerman & is a Stage 1 block converted to 14 bolt heads, Buick motor sports crank, Carrillo rods, billet mains, JE pistons, ARP main & head studs, TA Perf SI heads, Comp solid roller, Champion 1.65 rockers, p/p stock intake, RJC pp, 62mm tb, ATR Dbl pmpr, 83lb inj, fmic, PT70, TA headers, 3" custom DP, Hooker exhaust, Turbo Tweek chip.

The trans was just rebuilt by LV Performance Trans (around a 1000 miles on rebuild, low 10 sec capable, with a trans brake), with a Vigilante 3600 stall converter.

The rear end has fresh rebuild (done when trans was out) with a TA cover, UMI rear adjustable uppers & boxed lowers, Hotchkiss braces, dual bags, with urethane bushings & Bilstien shocks all around.

Now for the bad , I haven't driven it for a couple of months, the car does run, but knocks. I know it has a couple of broken inner valve springs, but haven't had time to dig into it further. Thanks for the help & I'll try to get some picks up of it later this week.