Need replacement passenger side door

Dan Roberts

Oct 7, 2015
I am getting ready to take the car for paint and bodywork and I am in need of a replacement passenger side door (extensive rust on bottom) and was wondering if anyone had any input on the doors shells Gbody Parts sells. Also is Goodmark brand the way to go? I cannot find any doors in my local area and it looks like I can get a shell for about $600.00 shipped. Any suggestions on vendors etc? Thanks!!
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You can buy a brand new door, not shell from goodmark or g-body for 499.00. I bought both sides, a little rough on the delivery but they fit nice. Ps,i got mine from g- bodyparts. I bought a hood from goodmark which was better packaged.
I have this one. No Rust. $200 plus shipping

can you post additional pics? Would like to see other side? Also, does it include glass? PW, PL? Any dents, dings? What is it missing? Thanks for the help.
No mirror or outside door handle. I have the glass. Motor and regulator all there and works.


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How would you ship? Can you give me the dimensions and weight packed? I will try to get an estimate through uShip.. Definitely interested.