Need some test signal software


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I want some software that will let me burn some test tones onto CD to let me set up my stereo in my car. I want to put mostly pure sinewave tones at different frequencies on several different tracks. Anyone know of such a thing?:)
If you are talking about a sine wave disc with the different frequencies, I can put you in touch with my best friend at Kicker designs in Stillwater, Ok. Private message me or e-mail me for his phone # and e-mail address. I sold all my test discs when I stopped competing a few years ago or I would burn you copies and send them to you. My work schedule prevented me from making all the IASCA key events.
Are you an IASCA member? If you register to become a member you will get a disc from IASCA that will have everything you need in that disc.
I have a whole bunch of test disc if you want form= Alpine, kenwood, Avent, IASCA, ect. I can sell you some burned copys?