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Tow Man

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Sep 2, 2001
:confused: Hello, I just purchased a 9,000 mile original TTA. The car also has it's original spark plugs, wires, coil pack and so on. Can anyone tell me if there is a better coil pack than a stock replacement and what the best sparkplugs and wires are for these cars?

I was the original owner of an 87 GN and sold it in 91. Selling it was the biggest mistake I've ever made! I remember what worked in the GN, but I'm not sure what works in the TTA. Are the spark plugs the same for the TTA heads as for the GN? I used NGK in my GN and found them to be the best in quality.

I am also looking for some bolt on performance mods. Can anyone suggest the best current chip, and other mods for the best bang for the buck?

I was up on the hottest tricks and best companys to deal with in 1987-1990 for the GN, but I am way behind in the latest advancements for the turbo 6. I'm sorry in advance for all the stupid questions I will be asking but I have a lot of catching up to do.

I am proud to be back behind the wheel of a turbo 6 again and happy to be a member of your great site! Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me.

Good to see another happy TTA owner.

The coil pack is capable of powering cars into the 9's.Many ten second cars run the stock setup.

The best plug wires I have ran into are from Quad Air(Red Armstrong),same as the pre 86 wires(Perfect fit)

The plugs are diff than GN's: AC R42LTS & I think the NGK's are TR6's

Check this Out:Recipes :cool:

Good God save those orgional wires!!! If you need money sell them, if not put them in the box you'll keep with all the origional stuff. They should say 20th Anniversary Trans Am or Turbo Trans Am, I'm not really sure I've never seen them. I do know that people will pay a lot of money for them.

Ken TTA#1426
The wires have the letters:
20th Anniversary, and should be vacuum packed and saved for next century!
Expensive if you find any!
Thanks For the advise!

I didn't notice the "20th Anniversary" lettering on the wires! I just went out and checked and sure enough!

I don't intend to throw anything away including the spark plugs! Once they're gone, you can never say ORIGINAL again! Like I said, nothing was ever done to this car including maintenance. I plan on saving the hoses and belt as well. I'm sure they are date coded in some way. This car still has the recalled lexan T-Tops. A good thing or bad, I don't know! I will try to find a glass set and put these away in storage.

Thanks for the recipes link, I'll keep you posted as I go. I don't want to go too crazy with the car. Just some bolt ons to hopefully get well into the 12's.

I so miss that "KING OF THE ROAD" syndrome I used to have with my GN!
hey vic
wherte in northern jersey are u im in old tappan and i have a tta also maybe i could help u out if u need something

Hi George, I'm in Sussex County near Great Gorge ski area.

Do you ever race at Island Dragway? Maybe we'll meet there one day. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Vic
i might go there soon to blast off some passes when my car is back together

Hey let me know when your ready, I'd love to see it!

The Drifters car club are having their annual "Old Days Drags" there tomorrow 9/9/01. I may take a ride over and who knows, maybe I'll do a time shot or two. They say my TTA is not old enough to compete, but I think they are just trying to avoid humilliation! LOL