Need to Vent. Paint Job Drama

I am going through a similar experience with my buddies car. I stripped it down to the bare shell with the dashboard still in. This car has seen 2 body shops now, both with the same bullshit attitude of how well they are, and how fast they will crank it out etc etc. The car is basically being used as a shelf to put tools, shop supplies etc on. They have no desire on touching it. When you show up unannounced they look agitated and give all kinds of excuses as to why they haven't touched it. We are working on 7 months with dick done. Very frustrating to say the least. It's a good thing I'm older and more mature. Had I have crossed paths with these guys when I was younger.... I think I would have folded them into a road map.

So sorry to see that you're dealing with exactly what I am. When I arrived at the first shop unannounced on a Saturday afternoon I found the Painter buffing a freshly painted Golf cart. It was his buddies Golf cart that sold his car and didn't even need the golf cart anymore. My car was sitting with a cover on it and I said what's going on with my car? He said, "Nothing, I promised my girlfriend I wouldn't do work on Saturdays." But here is working on a Gold cart with fresh paint on it?? Here is the kicker, The night before I text him for a progress update and he listed all the stuff he did with the car. It was all a lie and it was never touched. I started taking my parts right there and throwing them in my truck. That was the last straw for me. He never stopped buffing the golf cart through all that. He watched me load fenders, doors, hood, trunk, wing, valance and like 3 crates of shit into my truck while he stared at me and buffed the golf cart. This was after 6 months and a $1500 deposit of nothing getting done.
Come on now Nick.

Show us a better picture than that one........ :)

The hood, header panel, bumper fillers and grill were replaced, and the complete paint job was done in a week!

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I have had some of the same experiences with body shops. I have a long time acquaintance that does awesome work at a fair price. The last time I took something to him he told me 1 month. I took that number and doubled it as my real timeline. Two months after dropping it off I went to see progress and not much had taken place. I then started stopping by once or twice a week with a six pack of beer. Amazingly he was always working my car the day I said I would be stopping by... Eventually it was done and looks great. In the end constant communication got results, think of yourself as a project manager looking for an update on the project.

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