New AC Compressor will not run....


Just got my new compressor installed, vacuumed out the system, no leaks. So get everything together and I cant get the compressor to kick on. Fuses are good, I jumped the pressure switch at the accumulator with no luck. The old compressor worked fine last week other than it leaked. Any ideas on what to check next greatly appreciated. This has been a nightmare, almost think its not worth the cool air. Thanks!!
are you sure both electrical connectors are plugged in fully to the compressor? 1 in the front and the other in the rear?
Did you add oil to the new compressor? If you only changed the compressor, should put in 1/2 to 1 oz of oil in the new compressor.
How about refrigerant? Compressor will not operate until you have at least 1 can or 1 pound of refrigerant in your system?
I checked all the plugs, they seem ok. The compressor came with 3oz of oil in it. I cant get it to pull any freon in. I tried jumping the low pressure switch but I couldnt get it to do anything. I just need to get that clutch to engage so i'll know if the unit is good.
Do you have wiring diagram? Sorry I can't recall from memory. You need both low side and high side switches to be happy if I remember correctly for it to kick on. Sorry I know I'm not much help. Search and you will find.
KOEO, A/C set to on, & cold. .
Check the low side plug for 12V.
Check the 2 low side wires for continuity to the AC relay. {relay is on the inner fender, next to the MAP sensor, and FP relay.}
Check the continuity on green wire from the relay to the green wire in the compressor clutch plug.
Check the blk wire in the clutch plug for being grounded.

Have you rotated the compressor by hand? You should do 10 turns, in order to make sure the oil is circulated, and it's not "hydrolocked. 9/16" deep socket.
Are the fan relays working?
Is the single green wire plug on top of the intake plugged in?
I'm getting 12v to the low pressure switch, is shows continuity so the switch is good. Also cleaned the plugs behind the clutch and i'm getting 12v to them as well. Do you think my compressor is bad? Thanks for all the help so far guys....
Yes. If you have verified power and ground it should light up. Are you verifying power and ground with the plug on the clutch?
Yeah, I was going to say put 12 volts directly to the hot side of the clutch plug with a jumper wire. If it doesn't engage, there's something wrong with the clutch electrics.