New Alcoholic



I have been driven to drink, so to speak. I am new to alcohol and need info. I have TA49 and 009's with the usual mods plus down pipe. I need to know what chip and what type of alcohol everyone is using?;)

Joe Frede
87 Limited
I would suggest Denatured and a 5 second spray of wd40. I wouldn't go with a super high timing chip, because that will probably give you a little knock before the alky comes on, and you don't want it to come on too soon or it will bog. I would say a fairly aggresive 93 chip, or a not so aggresive 100 chip.

I'm running a 100 chip and 23-24 lbs of boost, pte54, v4 and 55s.
SMC Kit is excellent

Use Denatured, cost is a little bit more, but for good performance what doesn't? I don't have my car tuned in AT ALL, but when you've spend the $302 on a GP, and it's just sitting in your garage, there's only so long you can wait! I'm having problems with my injectors, but with pump speed between 6 & 7, turn on around 12#, '91 octane and only a 19.5 degree chip (With DS hooked up) I'm getting 2 counts of knock between 12-24 pounds of boost. This is the first time I've pushed anything over 18 pounds and OMG does it feel good!:cool: :cool: Nothing like breaking the rear tires loose when the car is doing 65MPH!:eek: Can't wait to get it tuned in...