new and used parts ...everything sold at Richard's thanks again


1.60 new Harland Sharp iron head rockers
475.00 plus shipping
champion ported stock intake. 380.00 plus shipping SOLD
maf translator and lt1 maf.215.00 plus shipping.SOLD
Full billet ck trans 2004r and 3200 vigilante lock up converter. 3000.00 have at Richards in may
racetronix double pumper system comes with complete wiring harness and 6an and 8 an lines and filter 800. 00 plus shipping SOLD
billet 9 Keyway ta double roller timing chain 130.00 plus shipping -.002
text 804 514 1255 for photos
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Translator and maf


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Opppssss, sorry! Didn't mean to step on dga504, just went right to buying that sucker! My apologies, not trying to squeeze anyone out!! \

But, if he wants the translator then I'll take the MAF sensor, how's that sound?? Gifted to your Paypal whenever you are ready!!


Again my apologies dga504, just wasn't paying attention there!! Sorry!!