New best time on last night of test and tune...


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Well tonight was our last night for test and tune here and i got my best run out of the 85 GN. It's stock other than a KB CAI, single 2.5" exhaust, adjustable FPR, and i relocated the battery to the trunk. Here was the run:


Of course it helps on top in being only 37 degrees outside but rack was cold and couldnt launch very hard. Im very pleased with the results so far. What do you guys this good times for this car? Now i think it's time to throw the TA48, 50#'s, and Turbotweak chip in there...and order me an alky kit also. :D
Never ran the 1/4, our local track is only an 1/8. I think i could do alot better if i had a set of slicks so i could launch hard but ill have to wait until next year to find out.
Good Times

Great times for 1/8 mile, that time converts to 13.8xx - 14.0xx in the 1/4. Great run !!!!

Proof that with proper tuning a stock Hot Air can run great times too .
Well i cant say that my tuning is that great cause im still learning. It's getting a good bit more work done soon and hopefully gets better as i learn more about these cars. (huge diffrence for me cause ive always had F-body's)
Good run, I wish my personal best would happen at the beginning of the season instead of the last time at the track.