New Borg Warner EFR Turbos, Looks Like We'll Be Missing The Future


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Dec 15, 2002
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EFR 76-70 (57.2mm inducer, 64 lb/min)
EFR 83-74 (62.6mm inducer, 79 lb/min)
EFR 91-80 (67.7mm inducer, 94 lb/min)

Someone has made a tad under 1000whp with the 67.7mm (EFR 91-80) turbo already. :eek:

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Forget these shops selling at Retail. :rolleyes::redface:

Here is what you're getting in the EFR 76-70 57mm Turbo

* Extended Tip FMW compressor, lightweight, TiAl construction turbine wheel, robust ball-bearing axial and radial structure.
* Matched flow to support 600 crankshaft horsepower
* Assembly comes with wastegate canister, oil inlet fitting, CRV and BCSV
* Completely integrated CRV and BCSV/Wastegate minimizes 'add-on' items and installation headaches

Best part about the turbo, we'd stop all the BOV questions on the forum. :D
I like that wastegate..not sure how it works but would make installation in tight space much easier

thats some big $$ though:rolleyes:
I would love for Donnie Wang to try a couple of the 67s on his car!
I'm a BW dealer and have discussed our cars with them at length. The new turbos are pretty awesome. :)
Red C5, do you hear about the Supra with a BW EFR 91-80 putting down 1000whp?

Also, are you discussing any exhaust housing ideas etc?

I've read other vendors say the demand is so high BW is increasing production to drop the prices and that Feb is the mass release date.

I think we might be able to get away with BuickGN's 3" V Band DP as the BW outlet is only 3/4" longer so it would only move it that much towards the passenger fender and hopefully not hit the control arm.

I don't remember who sold the 3 to 4 bolt flange but maybe we'd get lucky and there's that solution.
This turbo will be available in January for prepaid customers and the T3 .82 housing is the only real option so far for us as the T4's are twin scroll (I guess TA or Arizona GN could weld on a twin scroll T4 flange if you go their route).

Red C5 if you could pull off a GN housing that would be pretty incredible.

Prices have come down online, $400 to $600 under list now.
Im looking and all I see is a different header flange. If someone really wanted one of these, it would be that hard. I could make flanges and if someone was a welder and had a mock up engine...we'er in business.

Found a great turbo calculator by Borg Warner to help their customers with the new EFR turbos and questions they'd have about sizes etc. It really gives more insight to your turbo and what comp and turbine map fits your goals/needs.

Matchbot likes the 9180 for the GN at 30psi, look at that flow.

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