New CCCI Tester

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The Computer Controlled Coil Ignition (CCCI) is probably the least-understood system on your turbo Buick powered vehicle. The Most common problem is the
"No-Start" condition, and there are very few tests that a car owner is capable of performing to determine a faulty componant in this system.

This simple plug-n-play diagnostic tool is designed to troubleshoot your ignition
system for the most common "No-Start" scenario. Specifically, it will display a simple LED to indicate the status of the CAM sensor, CRANK sensor, Coil Power & MODULE power. The CAM LED will visibly blink rapidly during idle, The CRANK LED will appear to be continuously on (Due to the rapid Crank signal) when the vehicle is running normally. The POWER LED will be illuminated when the MODULE fuse is working. There are 3 LED's assigned to each Model: "HOT AIR" (84-85) & Intercooled (86-89)

*** Can also be used to Set the Cam sensor!

Only $129.99

Available now @!scan-tools-g-body/c1x64