New Cobra or modded LS1?


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Guys, my old lady will be getting her new job this summer, and its time to get another toy. I want a new Cobra, but A: its a ford, and B: they are kinda plain jane and ugly, and C: More $$$!

I also like LS1 cars, and have always been and F-body nut. I had to sell my very bad ass 95 Z28 to get a truck to tow my GN with, always missed that car.

I can't seem to decide what I want. the LS1 cars are cheaper, but it seems like the Cobra will respond to mods better. Ultimately I want an 11 second daily driver type car, that won't actually be driven daily. It will be a bolt on only car. I plan to buy used either way, but low mile. I've been looking at quartermile performances website, and their turbo LS1 car is awesome! Right now I'm leaning toward an LS1 Formula or Z28. Either car will need the rear end replaced, as they both suck. I broke my 95 Z28's rear end twice on street rubber.

Help me decide! My main concerns are dependability, cost, and cool factor. I sure miss the stares my Z28 got me! And before anyone asks, yes, I'm keeping the GN. Even if it did get me yet another speeding ticket yesterday!
I have a car club and few members have new Cobras. With 1500 in mods one car is clicking off 11.5s in the 1/4 and cutting 1.7 60 foots on the stock IRS and F1 tires. :cool: He paid 28k new for his Cobra using the X-plan. His car is all black and looks as sinister as a GN IMO. To me it's an easy choice. Don't know why you're having such a hard time :confused: ;)
Buy the Snake

My son had/has both - a 2000 Camaro SS and he now owns an '03 Cobra. No comparison - the Cobra is already at 12.09 @ 118 mph (at Norwalk Raceway in 90+ degree heat and humidity) with only a chip, exhaust, and a pulley on the stock tires. It's definitely a high 11 sec car as it sits today.

He looked seriously into keeping the SS and considered a blower, turbo(s), Nitrous, and found that even with the power adders he still would have to replace the rear axle as well as worry about the tranny.

Go with the Cobra - you will get back the extra you pay for it up front when you sell it down the road and the enjoyment you get driving it will make it worth every penny.
I think I'd go with the WS6. I don't like the driving position in the stangs, and it's going to look REALLY dated when the new Mustang comes out. Odd to say with the new one being retro, but still. I like the TA's and you might get into one cheaper to apply the price difference into mod's. The F body isn't going to be outdated with no new one in the near future. They can both be fast, I'd go with the one that is easier on the eyes (IMO, only) and nicer to drive.
Cobra hands down. I have had both. I had a 96 SS M6 and a 97 Cobra. The SS was a complete rattle trap POS :mad: The Cobra was a wonderful car and I wish i had never sold it. I sold it to buy the 86 T I had. I loved the 97 and it does NOT even compare to the '03. You can't beat the power these things make.
Neither buy a bigger house because you are going to need it when you get married and pop those kids out hahahhahah.

Theres Sean "big daddy" confusing my life with his again!:D Remember the motto: "Don't let your peter be the leader."

I dunno, I'm figuring up all the stuff I gotta do to the current house this summer, and it sucks root. Gotta replace the sewer line, roof, and finish siding the garage. Plus some drywall work inside, a new hot tub, and a new deck for said hot tub. Guess the new ride will have to wait. Maybe I'll just throw some goodies on the Lightning?

This speeding ticket sucks. Last time they got me for going that fast, it cost me over $500 to get it taken care of.

Thought about buying the new Cobra for her to drive, and I'll put some stuff on it while she ain't lookin', but the thought of her+600 hp+ snow = scrrreeeeech! bang! boom! Plus it could end up being faster than my GN, and theres no way her cars gonna be faster than mine!
Re: Ticket ?

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Not talking on your phone again?


Wasn't on the phone at the time, but I was right after with my lawyer getting it taken care of. If I was rich I'd a given that cop a run for his money! He didn't see my plates, and wouldn't know a GN from a Hummer. I was maybe 30 seconds from home, so I could have possibly gotten away, but oh well. It ain't worth the risk. But like I said, if I had the money.......