New drivers door. Hopefully this issue is resolved quickly

You make a perfectly good point, Mike......I couldn't agree with you more. A logical assumption that everyone should agree on.

Bruce '87 Grand National
Not trying to defend anyone BUT.
I am looking for doors for my chevelle and every company says that -- Sheet metal may have small imperfections.
Correct. We've been doing the sheet metal thing for many yrs, and most always find dings, scratches, etc. Even on OEM parts, that we pick up @ a dlr.
Why would GoodMark share the blame? They got the part to a vendor in good shape that's the end of their job. If the part was damaged then it should not get sent out. Sheet metal and fiberglass is a nightmare to ship for this very reason. No matter now much padding and boxes we used fiberglass hoods were damaged at least 50% of the time, this is why we stopped shipping them.


I do take part of the blame to a point because I should have had quadruple boxing done. It costs more, but in contrast having an additional box around the double wall box would help if someone forgets or the distributor's help forgets to protect the door. Here is the bad part, no matter how well I protect it, you still have some schlep delivering it from a lift gate and tossing it on the ground....ask me how I know. It happened to my own testing prototypes. Thankfully they were quadruple boxed....because they flew from 7000 miles away. I think this may help the issues. The problem is we need to work through the first run of doors, the good part is they are selling well enough where we can get production running again in the fall