NEW Engine Harness/Fuel Pumps/TA Headers


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Aug 12, 2002
All parts are brand new, never used.

Part#109030. Caspers complete engine harness. $1000

Racetronix DFPS-G7680Q, 680LPH dual in tank fuel pumps with wiring harness. $500

TA 3 bolt race headers, coated with a high temp chrome armor coating. $1300


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Pics of headers. They are complete with gaskets and clamps. Crossover is not coated so you can see the difference. Headers are really nice.


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Does the engine harness have any added options for a aftermarket ECU?
Per Caspers, Yes. Connectors are there you would have to purchase adapter separately.


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Maybe I'm reading it wrong. You will have to add the options when they make it. Did you have them add the options?
interested in the Casper harness as well-but need clarification on the ECUGN portion-is it already built into the harness from Caspers? Or is it just his stock replacemtn harness that can be upgraded with another harness portion to use with ECUGN? Maybe you can lay out harness and show all connections? the ECUGN connectors should be easy to identify
This is just the stock replacement harness. I did not upgrade it when ordered.
Wow everything was a great deal. That's why it went so fast. Holy cow that brand new Casper engine harness was a steal
recieved the heads today!!!
great deal and transaction was smooth.
been wanting these for a long time
going on my new ta heads!!