New engine...what chip???


Feb 13, 2007
...just finishing building close to 10 second has alky in it already...question is do i need to get the alcohol chip from TT or the street chip? will mostly be street driven but would also like to use the alky at times as well...can the street chip use alky but not full time like the alky chip or?...thanks for help...noah.
You say it has alky already..if so shouldnt you have an alky chip in place?

If not you will need an alky chip. Even if the car is street driven the alky will be utilized all the you need to have the fuel/timing prepared for the high boost situations. What inj do you have?
i would call and talk to eric. if your going to run alky i would get an alky chip. just leave the alky on no matter if your at the track or street its not going to hurt anything.