New Grand Nash Owner Here Saying Hello


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Oct 1, 2016
Hello everyone! Just purchased my 84 Buick Regal Grand National yesterday!!! True GM guy at heart even though I own a couple Fords also (there great in there own way). Happen to see this car on the side of the road and either impulse or fate I wound up coming home with it. It's a two owner T-Top with digital dash (not working at the moment) odometer reads 87,xxx Very solid, especially for Chicago, very straight driver quality car. Needs love interior,exterior, and mechanical throughout. Curious on feedback from the Turbo-Buick world as far as where this car stacks up in regards to desirability compared to the later years. Any sites that offer solid resources so I could get more knowledgeable about this car that you guys would recommend? I was lucky enough to find the build sheet I believe under the seat. Where could I go to deceiver this. Thanks in advance for your help.
Here's a few pictures give you a better idea overall condition
Grats on the Car!!! I love the interior! I wish the later years would have kept those seats.

As far as resources for decoding would be my first stop. The site is an AWESOME resource for technical references. This site is the main hub for getting info from folks live. I dunno how active the message boards are anymore over there. Lots of good people here willing to help, and the being in the Chicago area, there is great support for Turbo Buicks.

Desirability is in the eye of the beholder, especially in terms of your goals.

If you are looking for street racing, dollar for dollar, the 86-87 intercooled years are easier to make go faster with less, so it would be easy to label the 84-85 version as 'less desirable'. The reality is that some of the members on this board have 'hot air' models that could blow the doors off my 87. They tend to reside here

In terms of production numbers, the 84 only had like 2000 produced and another 2100 in 85. 1986 they went up to like 5000 and the 1987 GN had like 21000! So you have yourself an uncommon car without question. If rareness is your thing, I think you are in the right ball park.

Prices on the auction block, 86-87 GNs bring the most. If you are looking to score a mint on flipping the car for a profit, I don't think this would be the best car to use. (Of course that could be said of any Turbo Buick haha).

If you are looking to get attention when you are out cruising, I don't think you will be at all disappointed.

Enjoy your ride! Post lots of pics as you get things sorts out. We love that kind of thing.

Welcome to the board!
Congrats and welcome to the site.:)
Lots of Turbo Buick people in your area. Some great get togethers too.
This site if full of good info and great people. Use the search function to find your answers.If you can't find them, just ask.

Happy spooling.:)

Mike Barnard