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Hey, I'm new to this site just thought i would introduce myself. My name is Jake, I am 20years old and from St. Louis. When I was 15 I planned on getting an 84 T Type, but that fell through, so I ended up with the CRX you see below. Ever since I have been looking for another turbo buick to buy, but haven't had much luck. I hope to have one very soon, even though turbocharging the CRX helped abit with my boost addiction, I still want a Buick bad...

this is what it looked like when i bought it, it was n/a with a japanese engine swap. fun, but slow




it still has the same engine but with a homemade turbo kit built by me and 2 of my friends using components from turbo eclipses, probes and volvos lol. As of right now its good for a mid 13 sec quarter (decent for a honda, but still slow), but i have another engine in the shop being built to handle 500+whp.
Then go find that nice AMERICAN made Turbo!! or WH1 :biggrin:


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Hey Wuzzup Jake? Welcome to a REAL board and NOT that STLSR BS where all it is - is a bunch of whiney ass teenagers.....where its 10% CARS and 90% BS... here its 90% cars and 10% BS :cool:

Nice paint job ,but come on dont you just feel gay in that thing...Sell it fast...:rolleyes: :p

Hey man, I don't know if you've noticed, but prices are going up. It's not easy for many 20 year olds to afford the purchase price of our cars, nevermind the up-keep. I'd also bet that most folks on here didn't have enough scratch to pick up their dream car when they were 15. :rolleyes: My first was certainly no prize. Give the guy a break! He's joined the site, stated his intent to pick up a car when he can, etc. ...more welcoming, less insulting, k? :biggrin:
haha thanks. Im quite used to the constructive critisism by now. I grew in a family swarmed by domestics, my dad has a 35 Ford and a 56 Chevy 210, while my brother has a 56 Bel Air. But in defense my first choice was a Buick! :D

Whats up Aaron, I just went to that site for the first time in a month. All the immature people on thier are good for a laugh once in a while...
nice work. I'm not a big honda fan but acknowledging someones commitment to making something better than it was is only proper.

That said, sell it while you can and buy yourself a Buick. I guarantee that you will NEVER go back! :p
thanks, I don't plan on selling it though, too much blood sweat and tears into it so far. Its been a HUGE learning experience and I am very proud of how far it has come 9even though its a pos Honda lol). I have another Civic that I am going to be selling to get the Buick, so anybody want a 35+mpg DD? :biggrin: