New Header Panel, Ever heard of World of Motorworks?

Nooooooooooooooooooo Shawn is right. There was thread about this guy just a few years ago a lot of folks got ripped off. Be careful my friend.
The silver car that is on his website was at BG this past year same owner I believe? Badass looking car but all show and no go. I think it sputtered down the track once or twice. Do a search the threads are one here somewhere
He also sells stuff on Ebay under the names castle diecast and castle performance. His feedback speaks for itself.
I bought got my ass whooped by Paul..... or at least that is what he thought he was going to do based on our eBay message threat [emoji33][emoji57][emoji12]

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What are they made out of? I know is is not fiberglass.

Com' on now, do your own homework. I was just trying to point you in the right direction. ;)

I contacted automotix about the header panel listed on their website, and was told it is no longer available.
Wouldn't order anything online through them. I've bought from Paul once or twice, but in person so there were no issues.
I have a buddy that has a Taiwan header panel on his car. Hate to say it but the fit isn't that bad at all :unsure: