New in Michigan...


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Oct 6, 2016
Hi all, thanks for the invite. I'm Paul and am new to the Buick power plant. I'm actually a Ford guy (be nice) but am picking up a project with what I believe to be an early 4v carbed turbo 3.8L. I should have it within two weeks and will have more information then.

Hoping to scour the forums and pick peoples brains for some advice on how to get some additional power out the engine without going too crazy.

Thanks again!
Well, Paul...
Did you get the car? Don't worry. If it's a Mustang, we'll still love you. (Well... Maybe we'll just like you a little then. :vomit::D)
Whatever the heck it is, post up some pics and welcome to the site. :)

Happy cruising.:)

Mike Barnard