Local ECN-GN tuners in the Detroit Michigan area

Again thanks. It seems that there are 2 different Racetronic DFPS- G7680 pumps. The DFPS-G7680Q is rated at 680LPH and the DFPS-G7680EQ is rated at 725 LPH. Regardless I hear what you are saying. I should be good just keep an eye on FP, AFR, DC and add all the safety things the ECU-GN has to watch for areas of concern. Good I can sleep at night again :cool:. We all know how this stuff makes us a little crazy.


My dbbl pump set up was an early Racetronix twin 340 with the hotwire , hobbs switch & their PTFE lines & filter .
Thanks and yes I do know them. My car is mainly a street car. My current tune doesn't seem to be to bad, just want to be sure that I'm not doing something dumb just from lack of experience. That's why I'm looking for help from someone local that can look over what I have been doing and make recommendations on what might work better or maybe see something I'm missing. I'm looking to run low boost for longevity. My goal is to get 600 to 650 hp at the lowest boost I need to get there and hopefully run in the mid 10s. That is why I'm asking for help.
Your 120s will easily get you to mid 10s and 650hp
You will not be able to do this on under 20psi.
Creep up on it or have a tune put it remotely or on a dyno or get a tuner to street tune the car.
Mr. Spool thanks but are you saying that at "37psi on e85 and 120s with a killer pump and high base fuel pressure running a 64 bb turbo" the duty cycle was at 100%? If yes then isn't that similar to what the guys above are saying.? When you mention a "killer pump" what pump is it and what flow rate does that pump have at I'm assuming around 90 lbs at the FPR? Should I be concerned that I don't have enough pump that I just upgraded last fall? My FP is set to 48.5 and from the seat of the pants feel the car seems to like it??? I know I still have work to do on my tune which will change things. I also realize you were responding to TType85 but your response just makes me wonder about my newly installed parts. Thanks again.
Dynoman pretty much summed it up.
His car was over 100psi of fp
The spur pumps will flow way past that.
Before anybody attempts this by reading this thread understand you would need to be sure your pumps can flow up at those psi ranges which most of the pumps talked about in this thread will not and will fall off from a psi and volume standpoint.
Understand I also can tune these cars and I am pulling plugs constantly among other things to get the safest possible power.
Beatav8 (Steve D) tunes mine, you can't go wrong having good people on your side and he's patient, hell he has to deal with me. 👍

Also you can get back some IDC by not running E85, go E70 or even E50 if you're boost is low. You should see how far E50 can go, give you back a lot of volume and make big safe power.
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Use a Buick guy to check/or tune. Any ass hat can tune an LS. 😁. Someone not familiar with our old outdated stuff can do serious damage