New Injector questions

Kellen gn

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Jan 24, 2010
So it has come time with my car to upgrade the blue tops and get some new injectors in the car, from what I gather most people opt for the 60's because of the performance, streetability, and room to grow. This was the route I had intended on going until the idea on e-85 came to my mind. There are a couple of stations in my area that carry e-85 and the prospects look good. My questions are how do the 60 lb injectors compare to the 80 lbers? With the price being the same is it worth this big of an injector on a street car, Will they behave well on the street? With the use of 80 lb injectors I know that the fuel system will need upgraded can I use my hotwired walbro and add an inline bosch 044 using the walbro as the feed? Will the stock fuel lines handle the volume and e-85? Sorry for all of the question but searching has only added more opinions than answers.

Thank you for any input,
Might as well get the bigger injectors and grow into them. No problems with the 80's. They idle just fine.

Your better of to run 2 in tanks or 1 nice external.

Stock lines can support quite a bit. Just watch your log data.

When it's time for bigger, most run a new -8 for feed and use the stock feed for return.

The 60's will support a good amount of power on regular gas. Not really sure how much they will support on E85 V6 application since with E85 you have to use more fuel.

I would say you need to estimate your power goals and fuel first.