New Kirbans Front and Rear ABS Fillers

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Jul 22, 2006
Hi, to all :)

I have for sale a new set of front and rear Kirban fillers...Prices on Kirbans site start at 129 for the fronts and 210 for the rears.....Get these for $300.00

Prices are plus shipping!! Add 4% if using Pay Pal


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Have you test fit these on a car? If
So did they line up properly or do they need alot of work.
No they are new never been on a car or mocked up....Maybe somebody who is familiar with Kirbans fillers can shed some light....
I had a set did not line up well, tried eggin out holes, adjusting grill/ bumper about 10 times said f-it pulled them off and threw them out. Would be ok for a car your going to send to auction if it had none omn it but otherwise look at the New ones gbodyparts has they fit just like original with some flex , suppose to last 3x longer than originals as well.