New lightweight starter engaging with neg battery hook up


Where'd all my money go?
May 28, 2001
I just installed a new Hitachi lightweight starter, 6.5 lbs, got it all hooked up and good to go, thought i knew what i was doing, but now when i hook up the ground to the battery, it engages automatically? I hooked up the positive cable and the 2 fuseable links to the B terminal, and the remaining unfused wire (im assuming the ignition wire) to the S terminal. What did i do wrong here? Are there wires i have to splice or what?
Or you've got the starter terminal and the main hot lead bridged at the starter. A lot of guys do this intentionally when using a remote (Ford) solenoid. Take a look at where the purple wire hooks up - that terminal should not have anything else connected (wire or metal bridge).
Like the stock starter, you should only have two lugs to hook to and your wires should be lugged appropriately. Main power lead and all fuzed links will have the large lug to fit the main lug.
One wire has a small lug to fit the small size of the S terminal.