New lower pricing? Tax purposes


Drive it like you stole it
Trying to sell some extra parts that are no longer needed and don't want to charge too much or I might get taxed!!

Stock air cleaner parts, the one with the snorkel $100. Without $50
1986 Buick literature and 26 page brochure $20
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator $50
Turbo J Bracket $50
Trans cooler off the 86 with the correct fittings to connect to our transmission lines. The fittings are worth the price $50
Both stock intercooler brackets $50
Drive shaft loop $50
Intercooler fan of 87 $50
License plate brackets $10 each
Stock drive shaft bracket with bolts $20
Many GM engine building gaskets just ask $$?
Boost controllers rjc, Lorenz, alkon, turbonetics $75 and down
That's enough for now. Happy holidays
Offers accepted
All parts plus PayPal fee Plus shipping.


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I'll take the literature.

Also, do you have a power steering reservoir mounting bracket?

Okay, so the Lorenz boost controller is sold
The 86 literature is sold
And the turbo J bracket is sold
I usually don't mess around unless it's a bigger package but it might take a day or two longer. Glad you received that and hopefully you like it
Steve c
I'm not sure. I just lent it to a friend as his was not keeping the fuel pressure at 42. I'll let you know if I get it back or if he's buying it