New lower pricing? Tax purposes


Drive it like you stole it
Apr 17, 2010
Trying to sell some extra parts that are no longer needed and don't want to charge too much or I might get taxed!!

Stock air cleaner parts, the one with the snorkel $100. Without $50
1986 Buick literature and 26 page brochure $20
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator $50
Turbo J Bracket $50
Trans cooler off the 86 with the correct fittings to connect to our transmission lines. The fittings are worth the price $50
Both stock intercooler brackets $50
Drive shaft loop $50
Intercooler fan of 87 $50
License plate brackets $10 each
Stock drive shaft bracket with bolts $20
Many GM engine building gaskets just ask $$?
Boost controllers rjc, Lorenz, alkon, turbonetics $75 and down
That's enough for now. Happy holidays
Offers accepted
All parts plus PayPal fee Plus shipping.


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I'll take the literature.

Also, do you have a power steering reservoir mounting bracket?

Okay, so the Lorenz boost controller is sold
The 86 literature is sold
And the turbo J bracket is sold
I usually don't mess around unless it's a bigger package but it might take a day or two longer. Glad you received that and hopefully you like it
Steve c
I'm not sure. I just lent it to a friend as his was not keeping the fuel pressure at 42. I'll let you know if I get it back or if he's buying it
Unfortunately my friend told me that he was going to buy it