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Hey all, I just signed up on the forum. I'm pretty new to F/I so I figured this would be a good place for info plus I'm a fan of the Grand National.

I don't drive a Buick, but I do drive a GM.

05 Cobalt SS:

Welcome to the board, nice little cars, I just pushed one out of the ditch last week. :wink:
Welcome to the board! That is a nice car. I really like the color and the wheels. Hope you can get into a Turbo Regal soon so you'll know what we're about. :cool:
Great Color

I love the color its close to mine, The only MAJOR difference between your and mine is, Mine has power yours has economy! :eek: I would'nt mind it either. :confused: Nice ride, I still like the SRT-4 better. Sorry. Hope to see ya with a TR someday. Its alot of fun.


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