New owner

Welcome to the club.

Now you need to learn the secret handshake............. :D
Looks good in your profile pic. Almost looks like it's lowered Any bigger pics? Welcome to the forums!
Welcome!I hope you have the post here in this section about the BUICK CLUB meet at Niftee Fiftees on Saturday Sept, 24.
Every Sat night, weather permitting. North side ( Louetta @ Kuykendahl ). Thing is... this is usually for 1979 and older car/trucks. This is a special event Robert usually puts together once a year, or so. So we usually don't get to show our cars off here. By the way... did you ever buy a car? James-
Frankly speaking I may just ditch the GN idea and purchase a much more reliable toy & DD that is faster and more reliable. My love for the GN/GNX will never die but one must be rational as well as knowledgeable.