new parts for sale


doing it for B!!
Sep 21, 2005
1. New in the pkg arp 123-6002 rod bolts did not use. went with new rods 60.00 shipped, summit has them for 75.88 so save a little 2. New pair of chrome turn signal-marker lights the ones that screw to the head light bezels.80.00 shipped new in wraper 3. Two sets of stock heads for turbo motor 50.00 set plus shipping. 4. brf 200r4 worked well when removed is a gm reman no converter 450.00 plus shipping or pick up can do paypal:)
Ill take the headlight markers. PM with payment info.

have stock 1987 gn rear set.they look good the bottom has a small hole to the back,would be coverd when the upper is installed,also have a passanger side front but no drivers.the pass sid is nice they all need cleaned been setting.make offers!!
Any pics of the passenger seat? If its not faded im interested.

seat looks good i will dig it out and look at it better and let you know. and yes the heads are 8445s
no camera

no camera they look like dirty used stock grand national heads!!! plus for 50.00 a set im not going to put alot of time in trying to sell them i will get pictures for 100.00 set plus shipping !!!!!! come on guys!
just as it said

im selling stock used grandnational heads,they are just like every other stock head used,dirty and 50.00 a set. im selling cheep. so what im saying is if i have to mess around getting them out, taking pictures, and answering all pm,emails for 50.00 set of heads. i might as well keep em or junk them i dont have time to play around with pictures and a million questions for a 50.00 set of heads. hope this clears it up for ya and hope i dont sound like a assxxxx because thats not what im doing just offering a cheep set of heads.thanks:)

you will pay what i pay i would guess 50 to 75 to the us. but like i said you pay what i do.i will not take extra money from ya for shipping!! thanks