NEW Parts & More.


Jan 25, 2002
BRAND New Never Installed Parts are :

1- New cam sensor complete. $200
2- New gray top of the dash speaker cover. $150
3- New bumper impact strips, front one has white strip in it, rear is all black. $150 each.
4- Complete LS-1 3.5in. polished maf pipe with both black hoses. Hose to turbo is 4 in. by 3.5 in. Hose to maf is 3.5 in. by 3.5 in. Maf is the new style black plastic one. Translator is also brand new and comes with extension harness. Also comes with new iac angle boss. I paid $520 plus shipping for this set up. Parts are from TR Custom Parts & TT. Take $400.00 Sorry will not separate, sold as a package only.
5- New black side marker lights. $75
6- New pair of black outside door handles. Nice but reproduction pieces. $30 for the pair.
7- New right hand fixed mirror. comes gray. It's in the GM box part #20239679. $100
8- New Badlanz 3in. electric cut out. Dump only. I have no wiring or switch. $50
9- New left door latch. $45
10- New left T/L lens in the GM box. $150. Part # 16501873

Here's a few rare parts and some very nice used parts.
1a - Brand new GNX supplement manual ( NOT a repop, it's the real deal ) $150
2b - Mint Palms Casino Limited Edition GN $10 token in it's clear case. $100
3c - Astro roof wrench and instructions in it's original envelope which is kind on rough. $100
4d - Refurbished rear stay down license plate holders. Painted gloss black. $25
5e - Refurbished front license plate mount. Painted gloss black. $25
6f - ATR rear sway bar. Blasted & painted gloss black. $150

Please NOTE that ALL parts are PLUS shipping and Paypal fees.
Thanks Mike
Hi Mike, 2nd in line for Astroroof wrench, enevelope and instructions pending a picture and if Grass Doctor doesn't take it.
Thank you.
Hi Mike, is NOS GM part #20239679 - right side mirror - manual or with remote adjustment cable hook-up? Thank you.
These are the parts that have been sold.

Gray dash speaker cover -- SOLD
Front bumper impact strip -- SOLD
Cam sensor -- SOLD
Astro roof tool -- SOLD
Palms $10 token -- SOLD