New parts


Jun 20, 2002
I have a few parts to list and all are brand new in the plastic or boxes.

1) Razor Alky Control kit dual nozzle without 3 bar map sensor. New in plastic never opened. I am going E85 instead. $500 shipped

2) Maf Pro plug and play unit from Casper's brand new in box. I sold my Maf Pro and they did not need this. $130
CEI - Casper's Electronics, Inc.

3) Maf Pro chip setup for 60# injectors. Never used. $35

4) RJC stainless head gasket set. These are great gaskets I just ended up using the cometic gaskets instead. These are the .033 gaskets as the others were not available when I bought these. $125
RJC Head Gasket Kit

I will consider partial trades toward 120# injectors (new), 15 x 4 Billet Specialties Street Lites, or a 3" dump pipe (preferably stainless).
Hey Josh, this is Tad in Crawfordsville. Is that a TunerPro chip offered by Full Throttle Speed? If so, I'm definitely interested if I can reprogram it for a set of injectors that I have. I'm going to give Full Throttle a call tomorrow to get a quote on reprogramming, but if you sell it before I get a hold of you tomorrow, no big deal. Thanks!
Tad give me a shout tonight or tomorrow. I can check with them and see if they will reburn it for me. 765-474-7755
Hey Josh, I'll take that MAFT Tuner Pro chip, I left you a voicemail, give me a call tonight or whenever and maybe we can arrange to meet up. Thanks!

Alky kit and chip is gone. I also have a brand new set of 83lb injectors $370 and a double pumper with 2 340 pumps and all the wiring $500