New PB at Cecil County last weekend


Livin' Like A Refugee
Went to the track last Saturday for a private track rental. It was kind of a day of decision for me. Drove my GN there, took everything out it, and raced it. Didnt have a clue where the boost was since I havent raced it in over two years. Mainly been driving on the street lately. Haven't had much time to do anything with it.

Launched it easy and I was rewarded with this...


Boost was 28psi and I saw about 6° of KR. Stayed in it. This was on wore out BFG DRs too.

Suffice it to say the last pass the HGs gave up, and now Ive got to tear it all apart. I'm not even mad.

This is a full weight 3700+ pound GN with everything intact and a full interior.
Good job and good luck with the tear down....Almost identical times I was running with my last Buick with some similar parts